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Why am I writing this Blog?

You might think my blog would only be about health and wellness, autoimmune disease and chronic illness, but you would be wrong.

When you think of health and wellness, and autoimmune disease and chronic illness, how did you get there? How did you get to your current state of health or illness? Life got you there!

So, this blog will be about the most important parts of my life, the parts of my life that made the most profound impact of who I am today, and the most profound impacts on my health today.

Yes, I’ll talk about health and wellness, autoimmune disease and chronic illness, but I’ll also talk about being a special needs mom and the whirlwind of blessings and comic relief that has brought to my life (and struggles), and about life in general!

I didn’t take the “normal” route in life, which many of you can relate. It’s been quite the opposite, and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

My upbringing was quite “Beaver Cleaverish” until my parents went through the worst divorce that I’ve ever heard of. A divorce that would rival the worst of the worst when I was 16 years old. College was a year later, thankfully, and took me away from the aftermath that ensued.

I married young in my early 20's, had three kids, and divorced young in my early 30's. I have remained single ever since. Independence and freedom are what I strive for in life, and until “the one” crosses my path, then life is great the way it is.

And no, I’m not just saying that, I truly believe it AND live it.

My oldest is special needs, and the fire within my soul. You will hear a lot about her, my life as her mother, the raw emotions you experience as a special needs parent, and how giving birth to one little soul completely changed me as a human being, and completely changed the trajectory of my entire being. She is one of the main reasons I am who I am today.

My 30’s and 40’s were spent raising young kids as a single mom, a special needs mom, a mom of active boys, and being single to boot. A time in my life that was amazing and difficult in the same breath! A time when I was free to be “me”, and free from any constraints that had previously plagued me.

Along with freedom to live life as myself, came hardships, struggle, and strife. All of which I would welcome over the alternative. Life was never easy, but I’m thankful for every moment.

The moment my life took a turn towards full blown autoimmunity began with a toxic workplace, toxic people, exposure to mold in the workplace, the death of loved ones, and stress from it all. It was all a recipe for disaster!

Then BAM, I developed two Autoimmune Diseases and my organized, chaotic, roller coaster of a life became a more tipsy-tervy version of itself.

Everything that I've experienced in life was meant to happen…the good, the bad, the ugly, the wins, the ups, the downs. It ALL was a blessing, and I’m thankful every single day for the crazy ass ride it’s given me along the way! It all took me to exactly where I am supposed to be.

So, I hope you enjoy this blog, and I hope I can impart a few lessons that I’ve learned from my struggles, provide some comic relief at times, and hopefully sprinkle all of that with my passion and knowledge of autoimmunity, chronic illness, and health!

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