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"If a person cares for his health, it is difficult to find a doctor who could know what's better for him"
- Socrates

Kim Carr Swords, BCHHP, CHN, CHHC


Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner

Certified Holistic Nutritionist

Certified Holistic Health Coach

Certified Health & Wellness Coach

Autoimmune Protocol Certified Coach

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Tired of feeling tired? 

Tired of feeling misunderstood? 

Tired of feeling like you don’t have a voice? 


I’ve been there.  I’ve felt fatigue so bad that my body wasn’t capable of moving, I’ve lost my hair, I’ve had gut issues to rival the worst chemistry experiment gone wrong, I’ve had days that I literally couldn’t move my body, I’ve had panic attacks resembling a horror movie, I’ve had months where I was incapable of emotion (I was numb), I’ve had days that my joint pain rivaled a 95 year old, I've been told that I might to die, I’ve had arguments with my doctor because he wasn’t “hearing” me, and I’ve suffered in silence because no one (and I mean no one) could quite understand what I was going through. 


That doesn’t have to be you! 


You can live a healthy, energized and vibrant life with autoimmune disease and chronic illness.  It is possible!!!  I am a prime example of that.  I’ve experienced the worst of the worst.  I was told that I might die!  Not once, but several times!  I’ve walked the walk and talked the talk.  I understand exactly what you are feeling, and how you are feeling.   


If you want your life back, your HEALTHY life back, then I’m here to help you get there!  Autoimmune Disease and chronic illness can be so overwhelming!  There’s so much information out there (some good, some bad) that you can feel like you’re drowning in overload.   


If you are ready to feel like “Yourself” again? 


I will coach you through a very concise and clear plan of action.


I will break it down to where it is doable in your busy life.  

 I will teach you my practical tips to make it simple, and sustainable. 


I will help you understand Autoimmunity as a whole, everything that your doctors never tell you (probably because they weren’t taught it in medical school). 


I will coach you to become your Healthy, Energized, Vibrant self again! 

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